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The Lintons are wandering again!

Once again we’ve decided to head off from the NT and join the team at Galmi Hospital in rural Niger. This time we’ll be away for around 3 months.

We have just finished our first week here in Galmi, and our body clocks have finally creaked and groaned into an appropriate time zone. It has been a good week of reconnecting with people and attempting again to communicate in Hausa.

Malaria season is just starting to build up, and from our experience last year we know it will be a really busy time. Dr Anne-Sophie is the only long term maternity doctor in Galmi, and she has recently also stepped into the role of Chief Medical Officer of the hospital. I’m glad that I’ll be able to support her work during this busy time of year.

So – Sai anjima (see you later). We’ll keep some news coming by this blog. We would love to hear from you by email or WhatsApp. If you are the kind of person who prays, we would value your prayers for us and the people of Niger. Email us if you would like to receive more specific prayer points.

Andy is a GP obstetrician living in remote Northern Territory, Australia. He is totally outnumbered by girls in his family - one wife, 3 daughters, 2 chooks.

4 thoughts on “Back to Galmi

  1. Wow, I’ve just discovered your blog and want to read every entry. What amazing adventures you are having and what wonderful work you are doing. May God guide you, bless you and protect you in all you do. I must show this blog to Simon. He will read it with enthusiasm. Much love to you all. xxx

  2. Hello Andy,Cathy,Georgie,Isabel and Violet.

    How are you all ? I look forward to another update from your mum re how you all are and how the work is progressing at the hospital. Are you managing to have some weekends free from call ?
    Having any opportunities to travel around the community and learn, and share with the folk. I know I have mentioned before, but what an amazing experience for the girls and without a doubt for yourselves push boundries of clinical care and building relationships.
    I am often blessed here so close to the sea, to see eagles fly gracefully in circles looking for tasty morsels of food ! Of course it reminds me of Isaiah 40:31. Thinking of you all. God bless.

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